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Ophthalmic Technology is an allied health science course. It is a profession of examining the human eyes by means of suitable equipment, appliances and instruments to identify defects in eye sight and detection and management of eye diseases, eye abnormalities, other disorders of the eye and eye injuries and whenever required timely referring them to relevant medical professionals for appropriate treatment.

In this course students gain an understanding of how the human eye works. This course focuses on eye care, community eye health care and patient care related work. This course trains students in examining eye patients. They gain ability to conduct basic eye examination and perform eye-related various diagnostic tests.

In this course students learn to design, manufacture, fit, adjust, repair and supply spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, low vision devices, ocular prosthesis and other ophthalmic aids and prescribe vision training, eye exercises, other appropriate treatment and rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system. They learn to assist eye doctors during eye operations & ensure aseptic protocols and sterilization of surgical instruments and linens in eye operation theatre.

In this course students gain practical hands-on experience through lab. demonstrations in the classrooms and completing clinical hospital practice rotations at Indore Eye Hospital, where they learn documentation of medical histories/records, front office activities/office management duties, gain practical experience working with eye patients and other ophthalmic or health care professionals. They learn to use and maintain advanced ophthalmic equipment, appliances and instruments to identify eye problems and dispense common eye medicines. They also learn to conduct vision screening eye camps in schools, colleges, urban slums, rural areas and industries.

In this course students are educated and trained to acquire the skill to provide patient care by performing human eye related clinical tasks such as:-Visual Acuity test, Colour Vision test, Lensometry, Retinoscopy, Ophthalmoscopy, Refractometry, Keratometry, Pachymetry, Ocular sonography-A-scan and B-scan, Ophthalmic photography, OCT, ERG, EOG, FFA, Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy, Tonometry-Schiotz, Applanation & Noncontact, Lacrimal syringing, Visual Field testing, Eye muscle balance test, Eye staining, Tear film function test, diagnosis of cataract, glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Ophthalmic technicians'/Optometrists' work provides eye doctors important information to help, diagnose and treat the patients. Ophthalmic Technology which is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, recognized by Directorate of Technical Education(DTE), Govt. of M.P. and affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV), Bhopal, is an important and career oriented 3 year diploma programme that opens a lot of scopes after its completion. This course offers good base for higher degrees such as Bachelor of Optometry, Master of Optometry, M.Phil., Ph.D.,etc. After completion of this course jobs and career choices are easily available both in India and abroad. Students can get jobs in eye care hospitals /clinics, eye banks, optical shops, ophthalmic optical industries, corporate sectors, pharma companies, research labs. as an Ophthalmic technician/Ophthalmic assistant/Ophthalmic technologist/ Optometrist / Refractionist, etc. They can establish an independent practice by starting their own ophthalmic/optometric clinic, optical shop, lens manufacturing unit, etc. The opportunities are manifold and increase steeply for the students with good, relevant experience plus track-record, in India and abroad. According to World Health Organization (WHO) India needs 200000 Ophthalmic technicians/ Ophthalmic technologists/Optometrists whereas India has approximately 49000 diploma, graduate and post graduate Ophthalmic technicians /Ophthalmic technologists/Optometrists. There is a huge demand and chronic shortage of Ophthalmic technicians/ Ophthalmic technologists / Optometrists in order to prevent blindness or visual impairment because there are no enough colleges of Ophthalmic Technology/Optometry in India and lack of awareness about this course amongst students and parents. So more well trained and qualified Ophthalmic technicians /Ophthalmic technologists / Optometrists are required in India.

  • Infrastructural facilities including teaching faculties & staff
  • Workable reforms in the present day education pattern in Engineering
  • Continuously facilitate environment across the region in all the concerned spheres so as to achieve above Mission objectives
  • To Incorporate more and more Industrial field training and exposure to students and faculty members & to encourage Hands on Trial
  • To put forth efforts for starting new courses in Engineering Trends in Engineering & Technologies
  • Collaborate with Higher Institute of Learning in the fields of Engineering & Technology such as I.I.T., National Engineering Colleges & others, so as to upgrade knowledge of faculty members and also to upgrade facilities in our Institution
  • To encourage more & more Institute -Industry interaction for benefit to both faculty & industry & also to society at large. Also, to encourage real life industrial projects to be taken by students, faculty members and enrich the experience.

Teaching Staff(Head of Opthalmic Department)

Mr. Dhananjay Madhusudan Gogate

AICTE-ID: 1-486267223 Designation: I/c Head opthalmic technology Email Address: UG Degree: B.SC(Maths) PG Degree: M.A(English) Specialization: English Other Quality: M.Phil(English) Teaching Exp: 24 yrs